Chic Metropolitan Jetsetter issue COVER STORY featuring Ferren Rajput CEO ONEflight International


Photos by Brandon Caffey

Editorial by Eilidh MacRae

Location at Atlantic Aviation at San Jose International Airport

Clothes provided by NEIMAN MARCUS


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ONEflight International, founded in July 2009,is the first ever company to introduce an exclusive Private Jet Membership Program. This genius concept introduces the idea of taking a country club into the skies; for individuals who desire the highest level of luxury in all aspects of life. With exquisite knowledge of the industry and expert understanding of what members want, ONEflight International provides impeccable service time after time. From offering professional guidance, advising economic ways for buying and selling private aircrafts, educating on aircraft model developments, and guaranteeing to supply an aircraft for every flight booked. ONEflight is seemingly unbeatable in quality, reliability, and bespoke flying packages.

ONEflight aims to provide a comfortable first class service, therefore members receive premium catering at no additional cost on every flight. Additionally, membership is offered on a month by month basis, meaning it can be cancelled at any time without penalty and the executive car service can pick individuals up from their door, to drop meters away from the private aircraft before take-off. With three aircraft options for every flight, members can create their own personal package to suit their flying needs.

The ONEflight JETClub earned its very first member in 2010. By joining The JETClub, members can avoid certain costs such as the millions required





CHIC EDITOR – What was the big reason you got into the Private Jet industry?

Aviation has always been my passion. As a pilot myself, there was no better place for me to plant my feet than within the private jet industry.

CHIC EDITOR – What inspired you to start ONEflight International?

This industry is extremely disorganized and fragmented. With over 35% of all daily flights flying empty, it is not surprising that the cost of flying private jets is so high. Someone has to pay for the empty legs. It became my mission to solve this 30 year old problem. Hence the launch of ONEflight, to prove that a new method of serving private jet clients was very possible. A method that would unite the industry as never seen before and possibly eliminate empty legs.

CHIC EDITOR – What sets ONEflight apart from the competition?

ONEflight was the first to launch a country club idea in the skies in 2010. We call it our JETClub, a true Membership program that provides its Member the benefit of paying the Direct Operating Costs of flying in a private jet such as the hourly cost of fuel and maintenance. This may only be accomplished if one owns their own aircraft. However, as a JETClub Member, one does not need to own the aircraft to enjoy the same privilege. Our focus at ONEflight is to provide an end-to-end luxury experience for our clients and members. Our clients and members deserve to have the country club experience in every aspect during their trip, and we are committed to providing them the white glove experience.

CHIC EDITOR – What are the Chic Perks you get when signing up for a ONEflight Membership right now?

We are offering 10 additional complimentary flight hours for the first year of membership.

CHIC EDITOR – How far in advance does someone need to book a plane?

We are able to provide charter services including complimentary services such as luxury ground transportation and in-flight catering to our clients with as little as 10 hours advance notice.

CHIC EDITOR -Tell us one thing most people wouldn’t know about you.

We do not own any of our own aircraft to serve our clients. We have partnered with over 7,000 quality aircraft in the US (12,000 worldwide). ONEflight is technology-based company meaning, we have developed our own technology to manage the industry and our client needs. While everyone is focusing on finding the best way to sell empty legs, we are focusing on eliminating empty legs resulting in lowering the cost of flying private jets for our clients and members.

CHIC EDITOR – Can you tell us about facts about flying private jets.

Some general facts about the private jet space;

1. US maintains over 50% of the worldwide market 2. US Private Jet charter industry is a $15 BIL dollar industry

3. In the US – over 5,000 charter flights per day

4. Over 1,500 fly empty every day in the US

CHIC EDITOR -Where would we find you Jet setting this year?

All throughout the US focusing mainly on the East and West coastal regions.

CHIC EDITOR -What are your personal goals of 2016?

Have another record year for ONEflight, and additionally I would like to spend more time in the cockpit flying our recently acquired Gulfstream Jet.

CHIC EDITOR – How excited are you to be on the National COVER of Chic Metropolitan Jetsetter Issue?

Very excited. I am honored for the invitation.


“The past shapes you for the future to define you – whether good or bad, your past is only an experience that you can learn and grow from to enhance your future as I have. I will never let the past hold me back from growth.”

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