The Mad Architect: Ole Scheeren has made a career out of Deconstructio

Ole Scheeren believes “Form Follows Fiction” and that all great architecture should tell a great story and his mad architecture certainly tells epic tales

One might wonder if the prefix “mad’ might be an editorial attempt at clickbait but Luxuo assures you, it is not. As an architect, Ole Scheeren is indeed as mad as they come. Take the 234-metre, 44-story skyscraper on East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road at the heart of Beijing’s Central Business District, Scheeren’s CCTV Headquarters is not just an architectural icon but an ode to madness – The main building is not a traditional tower, but a loop of six horizontal and vertical sections covering 5,090,000 sq ft of floor space, creating an irregular grid on the building’s facade with an open center.

Remment Lucas “Rem” Koolhaas, renowned Architectural Theorist and Professor in Practice of Architecture and Urban Design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University once opined that Beijing’s CCTV Headquarters “could never have been conceived by the Chinese and could never have been built by Europeans”. Indeed, in 2007, Scheeren won The Times’ World’s Most Ambitious Projects award and in 2008, he made a clean sweep of Best New Global DesignArchitecture’s Ten Best and Wallpaper’s Best Building Site.

Scheeren’s CCTV Headquarters is not just an architectural icon but an ode to madness

he blocks of The Interlace are stacked four high at the center to provide maximum of 24 floors, providing almost every home with a wide view of the surrounding areas.His recent architectural opus? The Mahanakhon, a new 314-metre skyscraper in Bangkok, currently Thailand’s tallest building. Opened in December 2016, Mahanakhon is a mixed-use skyscraper featuring the unconventional appearance of a glass curtain walled square tower with a cuboid-surfaced spiral cut into the side of the building. Home to 209 units of The Ritz-Carlton Residences Bangkok, it looks complete like a pixelated ribbon skyscraper which then barely survived an epic battle between giant Jaeger Robots and Pacific Rim monsters – The Mahanakhon appears to be falling apart thanks to the horizontally and vertically divided glass walls contributing to the building’s “pixelated” appearance. Priced between US$1,100,000 to US$17,000,000, it is one of the most expensive “partially constructed” condominiums in Bangkok.



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