Kilian they say that scent is the only sense that bypasses logic and goes straight to the emotions.



When you first catch a waft of Killian’s Hennessy’s fragrances, all doubt of this is removed. At a time when the luxury perfume market seems saturated with similar mar-keting campaigns, and copycat scents, Kilian has chosen a unique path. I first met Kilian at Saks Bal Harbor for the launch of his new perfume.


Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi. Strolling in from the autumn sun, he had an air of confidence and that bit of reserved mystery you might expect from a scion of one of France’s premiere luxury families. Born into the world of luxury, having struck out on his own, Kilian Henessy is creating new sensory experiences for the modern sophisticate.

A blend of sight, feel and scent; Kilian’s line is the first perfumed jewelry line for women. As Kilian himself explains, “We got to thinking about how to make our perfume visible and beautiful. It really is in our DNA, because everything we make has to have the capacity to last a lifetime, and jewelry is something you pass down.”

Solving the problem of scented jewelry was not easy, and making metal and stone exude the right scent at the right time took inspiration and science. Their solution involves microencapsulating a scent onto the jewelry’s silk chord, or by spraying a caged piece of porous ceramic. Both of these methods allow for ‘recharging’ at home to keep the scent powerful yet seductive, and of course enable discerning buyers to choose one of five scents that best suits their desire.

This olfactory seduction is matched by designs that convey power, sensuality and taste through use of gold, geometric shapes, and featuring onyx, a stone that creates its own aura of power and mystery. The Heir, Apparent wheir to a line of luxury pioneers, the Henessy line of cognac-makers, Kilian decided to be independent from family tradition, creating his own luxury brand, with the ambition of reflecting his distinct personality and aspiration to create a feeling of uncompromising luxury combined with true elegance This scent has a complexity that reveals itself like the unfolding of a story, the pages of a book. The fragrance contains a gorgeous blend of gardenia from Brazil, sandalwood from Sri Lanka, and other mysteries.



Is there a perfume in your collection that reminds you of Miami?

For me Miami is very sexy, hot, exotic, and sultry: just like our “Voulez Vous Couchez Avec Moi.”

You recently opened boutique in Lugano. How many boutiques are you in right now?

We are finding our customers want us in many locations, so we’re lucky to be expanding rapidly. We’ll have our second location on Madison Ave in New York next year, another is being discussed for Dallas and more in Miami and Los Angeles.

We are doing Women of Power Issue. Which one of your scents represent power?

All my fragrances express power, and the jewelry that goes with them brings that expression a visual facet. We’ve brought elements like en-graved shield motifs, strong angles and deep onyx to create a sense of owning who you are and not being afraid of a little seduction.

What is your favorite perfume in your collection? For myself, I love “Intoxicated.” I find the blend of Turkish coffee, with wood scents to be…intoxicating! I’m proud to say, it has just won awards best perfume and best marketing.

For women, I love all of our fragrances, but have a special place in my heart for “Good Girl Gone Bad.”

What is your favorite city besides Paris? New York

What was your inspiration for “Straight to Heaven”? This is a unique perfume – a very simple formula that relies on very strong concentrations of powerful scents. We’ve used patchouli and souveil wood as statements that cannot be ignored.


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